face-to-face + virtual + hybrid

Learning, change of behaviour, cooperation ... - there is the right type and methodology for each goal.
You can choose which Special Solution is right for your needs from a range of options.



communicative settings
transfer-securing methods
didactic and practical materials

on-the-spot workshops for 2 - 50 people
one-to-one coaching
business mentoring
on-site consulting
on-site process attendance


distance-bridging online sessions
practical collaboration in virtual spaces

didactic and practical virtual tools

live online trainings
remote consulting in virtual 2D- and 3D-spaces
remote follow up sessions
social closeness meetings


workshops and meetings simultaneously in the presence room and in the virtual room
synchronous location-independent collaboration
didactic and practical tools and settings

hybrid live training
hybrid meeting moderation
hybrid consulting

Consulting Training Mentoring Process Design
hich Special Solution is just the right for your successful work?

Let us find out together.

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