The RealityRadar ©
If the organization knew what the organization knows
- lessons learned

The RealityRadar © - a process development tool

Compatible for everyday work - here's how we go about it:

70 questions on 16 different processes of the company ...

... guide you to self-reflection.

... prompt you to explore what you do and why you do it.

... make you tackle issues you avoid discussing or topics that you try to ignore.

The guiding questions in the RealityRadar are:

What has been learned from the crisis / change situation?

What of it is better than in everyday life before?

What should be discarded?

What should be done so that the findings can be implemented in a way that is suitable for everyday life?

Your benefits:

With the RealityRadar, you record and collect the insights and experiences gained in crisis situations or change processes.

You match these with everyday conditions and link them to new actionable actions.


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