The ProcessCompass ©

Out of crisis mode and into everyday use
- new processes for new conditions

Your benefits:

You will be prompted to act by the ProcessCompass.

You gain an overview of the existing process flows.

You adapt your processes to changed conditions.

You implement new ideas and set up new processes or process components.

You create something new, do away with what doesn't work and preserve what has stood the test of time.

In practice, there are various processes where urgent action is required, for example:

Processes around remote work

Processes of employee retention

Conversion to end-to-end processes

Processes around digitalization

Processes in the transition from a local company to an affiliate of an international corporation

The ProcessCompass © - a self-determined learning process

Compatible for everyday work - here's how we go about it:

● Subdivision of processes into sequences that can be handled on a daily basis.

Every week you will receive a Process Compass worksheet.

Each worksheet contains a sub-process.

For one week you work on it yourself or with your team.

After half of the worksheets we meet for a full-day workshop - present or online -
   to reflect on your results, for impulses and ideas for solutions.

Afterwards, you will work on the other worksheets - independently or in a team.

At the end of the process, we meet for another workshop.

Support and Flexibility

You work on a topic over several weeks.

● You determine intensity and speed.

You use the impetus for new ideas.

You are flexible in use - alone, in a team, in a chosen community.

● You implement your findings immediately.

● You will be accompanied through the process by me.

I look forward to receiving your contact.