INDIVIDUALS and teams shape and carry the challenges of disruptive working life. The changes in working life mean a rethink on many levels at the same time, at an enormous speed. Much must and will be new, and some things should be preserved in order to be successful in the years to come. Distinguishing one from the other ensures success. People - from different cultures, ages and gender, with and without handicap, white collar and blue collar workers, within hierarchies and across them, in different locations and different countries - create added value for their company together.

What effects can I have with my personality to be successful?
When is communication and leadership effective and successful?
What does cooperation mean today?

The meeting of CULTURES is business as usual for most of the companies today. Affiliates, parent companies, sales partner, customers or supplier are, of course, located somewhere in the world. Colleagues from different cultures work together every day. Managers are situated in one country and colleagues in others.

How much knowledge about each other is necessary and helpful?
How do they all work together in a targeted and as smooth way as possible?
How much understanding and tolerance is required for other ways of working and thinking?

, structures, tasks, responsibilities vary from culture to culture and change drastically. The coexistance of demarcated responsibilities and departments has served its time. End-to-end processes permeate the companies, matrix structures connect the projects, networks replace hierarchies. Changes are influencing all divisions, taking place faster and more seriously.

What structures are needed?
What are the opportunities created by change?
How do all parties deal with changed processes?

We will find answers to your questions together and develop your Special Solution tailored to your needs incorporating your existing resources or completely new thought and implemented in German, English or Danish language face-to-face or virtual or both.

As Senior Special Solution Supplier I will work with you on the procedure you really need:

Consulting and mentoring for individuals

giving the person the chance to reflect on themselve and others
customized to the needs of the respective
personality and the specific situation

Trainings and Workshops for entire teams or workgroups
offers all
involved parties a training platform for dealing with a special theme exceeding everyday work and to discover and try new approaches

custom-made and targeted

Process design and monitoring
setting impulses and creating solutions for further work
enables the organisation to deal with their subject and to develop steadily in the face of future change


I look forward to receiving your contact.

 networking ● getting and sharing ideas  thinking outside the box  thinking ahead