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Organisations are constantly evolving and yet we feel it is now much faster. Companies grow, are bought, merged, expand to other cities and countries or split into standalone units. Every change requires new structures as well as new forms of  communication and cooperation.

If you want or need to implement new processes or structures in your organisation, then I will develop together with you your Special Solution and support you during the implementation.

Examples of your selection
intercultural & intracultural:

International process development
a collaboration that really works


Change Management
structures, methods and processes,
that really work in every day live -
clean up existing and develop new ones


 Success factor Internationality
a mindset of the entire organisation

The Walk-in Structure
organisational development
to experience and to comprehend


 International personnel development
by using the knowledge
and experiences of the affiliates

The secret of the Matrix
working and leading
in matrix structures


  Suddenly being an affiliate of an international company
culture shock and chance

From start up to small and medium-sized enterprise
from small and medium-sized enterprises to a Business Unit of a group

what size has to do with structure



Which Special Solution is just the right for your successful work?
Let us find out together. I look forward to receiving your contact.

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