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Intercultural Management

The business activities of your company have become increasingly international.

When dealing with your employees, customers, suppliers or business partners you get in touch with work routines of different cultures. 

For achieving best results in a culturally diverse environment, I can offer you effectual solutions and support.

intercultural - Individual-Team-Organisation


Intercultural management 
managing tasks and processes and leading international colleagues

Cultural Awareness
knowing, understanding and using cultural diversity

International process development
a collaboration that really works

International negotiations
achieving negotiation success;  consulting during and for the negotiation

Successful intercultural collaboration 
in teams, projects and daily business

 Success factor Internationality
a mindset of the entire organisation

Preparation of expatriates
assigned to Denmark, Sweden, Norway

 International project development
agile - classic - hybrid

International personnel development
by using the knowledge and experiences of the affiliates


Your benefits:

You will collaborate with your foreign business Partners, more constructively and efficiently.

You will broaden your horizon, extend your limits of tolerance and experience personal success.

Your company will be a good cooperation partner and employer in a foreign country.

You will use the experience of your expatriates during and after the assignment for the success of your

Your colleagues will make the best of cultural differences.

... and a many more.


Which Special Solution is just the right for your successful work?
Let us find out together. I look forward to receiving your contact.