Senior Special Solutions Supplier        intercultural management intracultural commmunication   


Liane Steiert

Senior Special Solutions Supplier


 Education & Training

 Qualification "Berater Offensive Mittelstand" - Consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises, Berlin

 Further training in Diversity & Inclusion, Berlin

 Certified expert for MotivationsPotenzialanalyse - MPA, Berlin

 Further training in Stereotype Worlds (SMiK), Odense

 Further qualification in Coaching and Process attendance

 Further training Better German - Care of the language culture, Berlin

 Further training in Personal Assessments, Wiesbaden

 Further training in Northern European Management, Kopenhagen, Stockholm

 Education in International Management, Oslo, Stavanger, Kopenhagen

 Education in IPE International Position Evaluation, Kopenhagen

Further training in Body language - nonverbal communication, Berlin

 Education in Methodology and Media didactics

 University degree and doctorate (Dr. paed.) 


 Professional experience

Coach and Consultant
intercultural business relations and interdisciplinary communication

 Honorary positions
   BDVT e.V.  (German association for Trainer, Consultants and Coaches):
   Mentor in the Mentoring Program
   Chairman of the Honorary Council, 3 years 

   Chairmen of the Advisory Board, 10 years

Senior Advisor Human Resources International; Copenhagen 
   Expatriate in Denmark
work with 11 cultures
adaptation of Scandinavian company cultures to local needs, diversity & inclusion, demand-oriented
   adjustment of personnel development instruments
, personality analysis, coaching, telephone coaching,
   process attendance during restructuring, outsourcing and joint venture processes, coach of the MD

Head of the Department Training & Process; Berlin
   structure of the department, concepts, organisation and realisation of trainings and development
leading the management team process, evaluation and purchase of external coaches

Communication Coach
   presentation, personality development, group dynamics, team, conflict management,

University lecturer on technical information sciences; Berlin
human-machine communication, software engineering, e-learning

  University lecturer on didactics and methodology; Berlin
methodology, media didactics, interhuman communication, e-learning 


 DGFP // congress 2018 + re:publica18, Berlin 

 HR BarCamp 2018, Berlin 

 Diversity-Konferenz; 2016, Berlin

 BDVT-Camp; 2015, Berlin

 Abschlusskonferenz des SMiK-Projektes; 2015, Odense

 Diversity-Konferenz; 2012, 2013, 2014, Berlin